10 Benefits of Writing Regularly

Do you think about writing all the time?   Perhaps you’ve set yourself some writing goals and decided to get down to it. Suddenly, out of the blue, something  comes along,  demanding attention and eating up your time. Maybe it’s an email you feel you have to respond to immediately. Or the ringing phone you have to answer.  Or perhaps, it’s an urgent DIY job you feel have to attend to.  The point is that:

It can be challenging to keep on with writing in the face of distractions.

I know this only too well because a few months ago I set myself some writing goals. I told myself that I would write more. I would keep to a word count  every day. I would also blog more consistently.

Has it been easy?


And it’s easy to feel like giving up in the face of setbacks.  So to aid motivation, I’ve  researched the benefits connected to writing regularly and put them together into a little list for you to find below.

Keep reading to discover 10 benefits of writing  and why you should write every day:

1. The act of writing down a goal is a very powerful motivator and all goals you want to achieve should be written down.

2. Writing can help you to clarify your thoughts – clear writing is a sign of clear thinking.

3. Writing can help you to cope with stress/ handle hard times.

4. Writing can help you feel better – in studies, it has been linked to improved mood.

5. Writing helps you to reflect on your life and the changes you are making.

6. Writing about what we do is the fastest way to deepen our knowledge.

7. Writing can make physical wounds heal faster.

8. Writing consistently can help you to grow as a writer.

9. Writing gives you the opportunity to explore your dreams in a ‘safe space’.

10. Many financially successful people are secretly regular writers.

So there you are – 10 benefits of writing regularly.  And whether they surprise you or not, these are worthwhile reasons to start writing  today, solid reasons to stay on track in your writing goals and great reasons to write daily.



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